Question from a non owner - HD Terrain Alpha 2 Released


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DISREGARD this , posted in the wrong version was meant for 2022 - reposted in the correct forum.

Hi, I saw today in my email Trainz is still working to improve the game and I see many here are helping to make that happen; Good to see congratulations to all involved. Upfront I have not been a fan of Trainz 2022, currently I don't own the game however I buy a membership sporadically each year to check the progress because Trainz is really the only game that contains the ability to build an industrial route with many junctions and surprises. To the credit of everyone here and the developers during my last review the game had improved in regards to performance, lighting, and graphics so I see the progress.

I also saw that these latest improvements (HD Terrain) may come to beta in April. When the beta comes out will it be available in the gold monthly subscription or would I need to wait on until it's in the release build? Keeping an eye on this thread as the new terrain is looking promising - good job to all.

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