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A thread to share my reskins and other creations.

Today, I have 4 campaign signs for a modern day route! Reskins of JR Real Estate Sign.
The signs include: -Trump/Pence




It's recommend that the signs be lowered between -1.50 and -2.00 to achieve best results. These signs add a touch of realism to routes and shows who your citizens support in this election.

Download Link:

Cheers, Qaz
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I think I'll go with...

[ ] Republican
[ ] Democrat
[ ] Independent
Drinking :hehe:

[ ] Republican
[ ] Democrat
[ ] Independent
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2016 - Our only hope. And yes, I saw a car at work that had a bumper sticker with that on it.
Obviously, thoughts of the main race are being humorously expressed, but please remember, majority of the lesser seats are open for vote this time. If you don't like the main event, focus on the under cards. Our Government was founded on a 3 branch check and balance system for a good reason. We have the power to make or break our future. Use it wisely.
Well hey, Hillary isn't all bad. She's not trump...

Please don't make this political. There's plenty of bad for both of them and this is not the forum for a political debate on the 2. Especially when the rest of the world look at the US with contempt about this

Billboards are fine, by the way
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