PS1 50ft Boxcar Pack from JR


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Has anyone been able to successfully install the pack located here?

I haven't trying several times, including saving to my desktop first then clicking the cdp file to install. The quirky behavior is CM behaves like it installs the entire pack in just a second for such a large file as 46MB. I've checked for several of the kuid's from the provided kuid table and not one is appearing locally in CM. I'm using TS2010 build 49933.

Thanks for any help!
No problems here in TS12 SP1.

Here's a question: is your internet allowing you to download the whole file? On my old computer it would sometimes say that the file is done downloading but when opened it'd give me the "Unable to Read .cdp File" error.

Just a theory.
Thanks for the feedback. It seems to be working for you guys so it must be something on my end.