profile.obs files in Content Manager


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What are all the profile.obs files I see in content manager as Open for Edit ? There's a ton of them in there.
May of these "profile.obs" files that come up as "new asset" also. There's hundreds of these things. Somebody must know what they are. Can I delete them ?
Found this online:

OBS files — map folder Objects files, contains the 3D co-ordinate loci, rotation, elevation changes and so forth applied to each occurence of each asset listed in the config file's kuid-table excepting similar information sets for track and spline object locus, vertices data which reside in the corresponding Trainz .TRK file of the asset.

Do you have Routes or Sessions open for editing?
Whoa.......and I mean whoa. Thanks for looking it up and letting me know. With all that kind of data, I won't touch them. I'm guessing most of them are obsolete, but which ones? I won't rock that boat unless I know for sure.

ANDs, I wouldn't doubt I've got some sessions that are open for edit. Why......I don't know. I use the sessions for testing things, and I know they pile up.

Thanks, much appreciated.