Problems getting trains to start running in A1 driver command mode


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Hi everyone, please help. Just installed Trainz Railroad sim 2019 and created and edited a session in the Edinburgh to Dundee route. I have placed a number of A1 driver commands in a list but when I use the drive to command or drive to trackmark command. The trains will not start. The only way I have found to move the trains is the Autodrive command. Can anyone offer any help please with this dilemma.
Enable the verbose messages - Messages with history by expanding the message queue by clicking on the little arrow above the driver image - sorry I can't run TRS19 at the moment to test this because my computer is doing something else non-Trainz related and I can't get an image for you.

What this will do is give you a list of any driver message such as No path to selected destination, etc.

Once you have that, you should be able to troubleshoot your problem. It could be as simple as a direction marker facing at your driver and preventing the driver from traveling on that route. Auto-drive will just send the driver on its merry way and figure out the route issues when it gets there, but a specific route with Drive-To commands, etc., is different.