Problem with Stopping at Stations


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I am trying to get several passenger trains to stop at stations along the route. When I used "Navigate to," the locomotive stopped at the beginning of the platform. The rest of the train was away from the platform. If I placed a track mark 2 lengths ahead of the station, the train stopped so the middle car was at the TM. If I placed that TM at the middle of the platform, where the train stopped would vary, especially at smaller stations. How do I get the train to stop so some cars are at the platform? Thanks for the help.
Just using "Navigate to (where X is the station name)" should work. I suspect you may have to replace the station with a different one.
Just curious if the platform is integral with the station? If the platform is a separate asset, which takes precedence?
Are you navigating to the station or a trackmark?

If to a trackmark, the locomotive will stop with it's "nose" on the trackmark.

If to the station, then it'll depend on how that station was set up by it's creator.

You have to understand what happens when you use the command. It does not matter if you use "navigate to" or "drive to". The point so far is for the train to get there. Once the train enters the radius of action of the platform/track, the train is moved by the script of the station, and it will continue to where it is set to stop, so loading or unloading will take place. If you were to use AJS platforms, there is a setting to stop the train in the middle or at the end and possibly at the beginning. Another thing to consider is the length of the train. If you use a short platform (50'), and the train is much longer, it is known for the train to overshoot completely the station. You can confirm what I state here by looking at the icons of "drive to" or "navigate to" when the consist nears and enters the station: they will disappear, and the load arrow will remain until the consist goes away to the next command. This load icon tells you the consist is under platform action and control. All this is nominal. It is also known that after several saves of sessions, sometimes consists don't act as intended and let's you wonder how come on first runs everything works as intended and all of a sudden things go a little crazy. But overall it works.
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I had similar experiences. LOAD and UNLOAD (even when not needed) seems to fix my problem of engine stopping prematurely.
Passenger actions seem to be all station code related.
There's another pitfall I've run into. Make sure that road crossings are not too close to your station. I have found that the station script gets caught up with the other scripts getting in the way and the AI driver ends up skipping past the station.

Another issue I discovered is if passenger trains run too close behind each other, the script doesn't have a chance to stop processing one train while the other is approaching. This is more of an issue with trams and other commuter lines where trains will run back-to-back. To solve this, I did put some small ground signals near the approach and exit of the stations but at about 20 meters from the platforms. That distance is okay but butting up against the platform may cause problems.