Problem w/ Update: "Loco Sound Effects Library 1.08c"


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I have TS12 with all latest SP's installed. I have been running a rather large collection of JointedRail Loco content for sometime, without any problem; that is until your most recent update of: "Locomotive Sound Effects Library 1.08c" had automatically downloaded (to my PC), upon start-up. Needless to say, I have been using the prior version of the file: "1.08" w/o any problem, up to that time. I later noticed the "1.08c" version was "Open for Edit" and likewise "Committed" the file [against my better judgment :confused: ] All my JR loco's seem effected with a problem; while other non-JR loco's aren't. No JR content (along with that sound file), show as Missing Dependencies, or Faulty; which strikes as a bit odd?

Upon playing any Trainz sessions now, all JR locomotives retain the same sounds as before; except with this new highly annoying audible sound "added" in! :( It sounds as if a store shopping cart, or a large metal rack were somehow rustling about, within each of my JR engines!!! It's the oddest thing? And I don't think it squirrel's, like it was last time -LOL! :eek: :D

I disabled the 1.08c version, and I'm supposedly using: 1.08 now; but still get that same annoying sound!!!? I'm almost certain it's because I committed that 1.08c file. What do I do? Do I have to reinstall my entire wealth of JR loco's, and the prior sound version file: 1.08 all over again?! :confused: Or is there a simpler solution :mop:? Thanks to all in advance! :cool:

In the meantime, I'm gonna' be riding the passenger side of the tracks; so I can get-a-way from all that racket my freight train's make... that is, until one passes by! :confused: Tee hee! :hehe:
[None of my Passenger equipment is JR.]
Inside that library is a 'dryer.wav' which produces the sounds you're talking about (that loud and annoying kind of clanking you described). It is pretty annoying, although I'd guess prototypical. I would assume you could probably straight up delete that .wav file, but.. eh.. might make it faulty. A better option could be to edit the sound file itself and make it near (if not completely) silent, which might work. I'm no expert though... I can tell you that reinstalling the locomotives won't help, because the library file is what includes the sound, not the individual locomotives. So any way of removing or changing it requires the editing of this sound file.
Good luck!

As I mentioned above, I would like to use the prior version of the file "1.08c": "Locomotive Sound Effects Library 1.08". I disabled "1.08c" and supposedly am using "1.08" but still the same clanking sound!? I never had a problem with the 1.08 file, before that 1.08c file had automatically downloaded to my computer? Then (against my better judgment), "committed" the file. I can't imagine JointedRail will approve such a sound [such a racket] for ALL their locomotives, with their new sound file. Albeit I agree with you; it would be prototypical in some cases -heh, heh! :D Might it be because that new version is really meant for the release of T:ANE, and might be behaving differently for use in TS12?

In any event, I want to use the prior version of the sound file. Until then, I'd be ridin' the Passenger side of the rails... ;)
1.08c update was some time in early 2013 as far as i remember so nothing was put in it for TANE specifically. That version is the most current release version and nothing about it has been changed in a very long time.

It does sound as if you are describing the air dryer of the locomotive which is a device on real locomotives to keep moisture out of the air supply (large tanks along the side), However I do not think that 1.08c has anything to do with it playing as 1.08 alone also contains this sound.

My suggestion to you if you are up to date with your TS12 patches is that you see this thread:***&p=1339761#post1339761 and aquire the new train fx library. It will allow you to turn off the sounds in the sound fx library in the options.
Hey thanks there Lego207, and Norfolksouthern37 ;) @ NS37. I had done as you had suggested; but sorry to say... to no avail. I had all JR updates already downloaded to my computer (incl. Train Fx Library 1.31); however, I will admit I had not known it was an user assessable file, for JR Loco's (you can toggle train effects on/off and apply percentage rates too). I toggled "off": "Play Air sound FX" but somehow my copy of TS12, isn't recognizing that change, I'm afraid? Still the same "air dryer" sound (or clacking), as before!? (As mentioned prior) I had "committed" file: "1.08c". (I had not done anything else to it.) Could it be I had inadvertently caused [what they call] a "mirror image" of that file; where upon my computer doesn't "see" or recognize that toggle change!? I have download my whole "User Data" folder to my External, so as to feel free to make any necessary changes to my copy of Trainz; without worry I could make my problem, worse! :confused: While I would consider myself just a couple of steps-up from layman; I do not feel comfortable monkeying around with the intricacies of the sophisticated programing you (and other's at JR), do in creating your locomotives; or any other files having to do with your loco's, Sir :eek: :hehe: I will only proceed on your word... or uh, when you give me the "green signal" ... or whatever -tee hee! :D

The Train Fx Library v1.31 is certainly a cool feature, I am certain to use in the near future... that is, when my copy of Trainz recognizes me as its Trainz Master!!! :confused: Heh Heh! :hehe: Thanks again Norfolksouthern37! :cool: It's an honor Sir! :D ;)