Problem using Schedule Library


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Hi Out there in Trainz Land,

Help appreciated!

I have a large session containing several long "schedule library" items.
Recently in Surveyor, when I try to add to or modify an entry in "schedule library" or to "driver setup command list" I get the dreaded red bug!

Strangely the drop down list of driver commands no longer includes the "copy commands from" command. In Driver the drop down command list still includes the "copy commands from" command.
When I click on the DRB I get the following statement which, me, not being of the clever persuasion, have no idea what it is telling me!

Thread Exception: ER_Exception, line 149, file
Stack dump:
function $void@CopyCommandsFromCommand::AddCommandMenuItem(DriverCharacter,Menu), line -1

I have tried saving the session as a new session and deleting each item in the "schedule library", one item at a time to try to find the cause of this, finally having deleted them all, the problem still remains.
I can create a new session from scratch and all works fine so the problem is in the session not the route or program.

I would like to find out why it has happened to stop it happening again. Ideas would be appreciated!

Old Bill,
Thanks Shane,

For your suggestion I have started looking without success so far - will update when resolved!

Old Bill
Hi Bill - When the red bug happens it seems that the CCF command is trying to create a list of locomotive names. One of the names could be blank or have some type of malformation.

Suggest you examine the names of the locos first, and if nothing is obviously wrong then eliminate groups of locos until the fault disappears.

Cheers - Trevor
Many thanks Shane and Trevor,


Culprit was a locomotive that I had had working for some time previously. Found it by elimination and much relieved as I could forsee another reinstall looming!

Hope this will be of use to others having the same problem in the future

Kind regards Old Bill