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This is my first post in the new forum. I'm still pretty new to playing in Surveyor and have a quick qestion - not sure if this is possible.

I created a route I'm really pleased with but used the default UK track; I have now found some track the look of which I much prefer. Is there some way to replce the old track with the new without having to physically re-lay it? By, I don't know, changing the KUID the config.txt refers to or something? It's far too much work to start laying this track from scratch, but I really want to change it!

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

The short answer is "Yes you can change it easily."

The long answer depends on whether you are using 04 or 06 - please advise!
Andy :)
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If you don't already have it get TrainzObjectz . You can use that to swap the track in just a coupla minutes.

There is quite good help included with the utility. but if you need more help to figure it out, just holler

Andy :)
Thanks for the help, that worked a treat. However, I've since realised that the track I wanted to use was single track, but a large amount of what I want to replace is double track. the KUID of the track I like is 46162:38014. Unfortunately there is no two-track version of this. Does anyone have any reccomendations for some good double track that looks similar to this? Presumably it'll also need to have the same track spacing as the default Auran stuff or replacing it won't work.

Not sure if I should've posted this in a seperate thread...

Thanks for all your help,

I could be wrong, but I believe you are unable to change double track so you are stuck with manually changing all
double track, section by section! John.

I am referring here to Trainzmap.
Hi Mike
this was mentioned a lot in the old forum ( 1min silence please:confused: )
once you get used to using Surveyor it is much better to use single track only.
if you want twin track from (say) north to south lay a single from north to south then a single from south to north.
it takes a bit longer but the benefits outweigh the time spent.
for a start, you can use loads of different types of track that are only availiable in single, objects (signals, catenerys) go on the correct side , locos go in the correct direction when you place them.

getting the spacing right is easy too, there are lots of track guides on the DLS. Im sure someone can tell you the Kuids, I cant get to the information right now.

hope this helps
1 min silence duly observed...

Thanks for all the help and advice. I'll know better not to use double track in future and really would like some Kuids for track guides.

I'm pleased to report that I have managed to swap the default double track for some third party stuff using TrainzObjectz, but this was only an experiment as I don't really like the track I've used.

So, now I know it's possible, does anyone know of any decent, UK-looking 5m spaced track, preferably similar in appearence to 46162:38014? I know it's a long shot, but I'm sure this is the best place to ask!

Many thanks,

Hi, sorry to resurrect this, but I'd still like to know if there's an answer to the above, if at all possible!

Alternatively, if no such track exists, perhaps I could make my own 5m spaced double track from the single track I like, if only someone could tell me how? (Of course this would be for my own personal use only so as not to upset the creator of the track)

Many thanks

I have 2006 and have some track I would like to replace, where can I find info on Trainzmap, and how to use it? I can't find anything in the manual.
If you really, really want to use double track, and you want it to look like another existing track, I think you could make one yourself and then reference the existing track in the config file so that it would be used as-is in your track. See the CCG for how-to. Since it is only a reference and you wouldn't be modifying the existing track, there should be no problems sharing. Anyone else would also have to have downloaded the existing track or your double track won't work.

As an aside, what do you like so much about double track? For the small gain in tracklaying speed, I think you lose too much in layout design flexibility.
I find that the most useful way to use double track is to only use it on straights. If you lay these first, and then connect them with single track sections you maintain the track spacing, and get rid of the tendnecy of double track to curve unpredictably.
I have uploaded an aliased double track version of Andi06's junction kit track, which you can have a look at to see how the config is written. I asked permission to do this, as a matter of courtesy, but as it does not involve altering or actually distributing the original track file, I can't really see how anyone can object.
By the way, UK track is generally spaced at about 3.5m centres, so 5m will look way too wide...

Hi thanks for all your tips - I'll certainly look into that. Second stupid question - martinvk, I'm afraid most of that went over my head - what;s the CCG?

As for why I so deperately need double track - I have a route I really like and have spent a considerable amount of time tinkering with, but it uses the default UK wooden double track. I want to replace it with TrainzOptions with something that looks much nicer, but since the default track is spaced at (i think) 5m (correct me if I'm wrong here!), I need the replacement track spaced at 5m also, so I can make the switch, even though it's not realistic.

I'm more of an aesthetics than outright realism guy:).

Rest assured, in future, I'll only ever use single track!

Once again, thanks, and sorry for being so thick!

Hi thanks for all your tips - I'll certainly look into that. Second stupid question - martinvk, I'm afraid most of that went over my head - what;s the CCG?


Once again, thanks, and sorry for being so thick!

Rest assured, you're not the one who is thick.

As for the CCG, it is the [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Content Creation Guide [/FONT]you can see it here

That and GMax will enable you to create the objects you want or need. Oh, did I mention the learning curve? It's a cliff, but what a view once you get on top.