Preloaded Container Well Cars

I had tried to modify a config file for a 53 ft well car to create a preloaded well car that can be spawned out of portals. I had tried modifying the initial count for load to 1 but that has not worked. How should I modify the config file to create a preloaded well car? An example section of a config script for a BNSF 53 ft well car is below.

size 1
initial-count 0

0 "a.load_top_SC"

0 <kuid2:334896:120032:1>
1 <kuid2:334896:120002:1>
2 <kuid:334896:120007>
3 <kuid:334896:120003>
4 <kuid:334896:120008>
5 <kuid:334896:120004>
6 <kuid:334896:120009>
7 <kuid:334896:120001>
8 <kuid:334896:120010>
First add the tag product-kuid between size and initial-count.

Then put in the kuid for the containers you want to use. This is
how the game knows what product to automatically generate.

Next, set initial-count to 1.

On a final note, pay attention to the product attachment points. That is how you know what containers the attachment point is for.
20ft containers are loaded in the attachment points for 20ft, bottom HC is for high cube containers such as 40ft HC, 45ft containers, 48ft containers, and 53ft containers.
Top SC is used for loading containers on top of standard cube containers, and top HC is used for loading containers on top of high cube containers.

Hope this will help.
You need to specify a product. e.g.

    size                                1
    initial-count                       1
    product-kuid                        <kuid:101046:100651>
There is an easier way that has worked for me in the past, so give it a try. There are three rules that can be enabled for driver setup.

They are:
1)InstantLoad (the comment on the screen says, in part: "useful for trains generated automatically by portals, etc...." (I have used this)
2)InstantUnload (I have used this)

And another I have not used:
3)Instant Load Command

Also you may or may not need to do a "?" on the container car itself to get the specific containers you want - I don't remember.

What I am certain about is that there is no need to modify container cars' config files to do what you want.
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As schweitzerdude says in post above use the various Driver instant load commands. There is one version that even gives options of full load, empty load, or random load. I use it on trains that come from Portal and it works great. I use the random load so the same train will come out and have random loads, thus, it appears that each train is different.