Possible issues with the ITrainz/Multiplayer servers - be aware


Tutorial Creator
Hi Trainzers,

As I've just found out, there appears to be an issue with the servers that handle Multiplayer and the ITrainz Chat services. I can tell you this as I'm currently testing my latest multiplayer route (Morrisville Multiplayer) and it is still trying to connect to the PlanetAuran systems. This seems to indicate a server problem to me, as the ITrainz chat is also not working properly.

Has anyone else found this?

i am aware because my problem is i cant join or set a multiplayer rout session on TS12 and i see here on the forums they still havent added it to my profile but anyways ive bin having this issue for over a month so any help would be nice!!
treaque101 - you will need to contact Helpdesk over that.

Incidentally, the multiplayer issue in TS12 SP1 still exists, however it seems to be working in T:ANE CE.