ports that content manager use

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Most of the time, port information should not be needed. As long as your firewall is permitting the following applications it should work fine:


OK - easiest way to check:
1. Click MyTrainz above and log in using your account username and password if prompted.
2. Click Download Tickets (on the left hand side) then click First Class Tickets.
3. Next to your First Class Ticket will probably be an Activate link - if there is, click on it. If it's green text, then you've already activated it and can skip to step 5. If no First Class Ticket appears or it's showing red text, you will need to contact Helpdesk using the option above. (Be aware that they do not work weekends though so it will be Monday morning Australia time that they will respond)
4.Click OK when prompted - this will set the expiry date to the current date plus how many days your First Class Ticket is for.
5.In Content Manager, click the Clear button in the Download Helper panel. You may also need to close and re-open Content Manager for it to take effect.