personal maps

just to make sure is it posible for me 2 create my own map and multi-play it with others as long as they download it in Trainz12?

If so i want 2 start something BIG. I want 2 try and make this real, for example there can be crew bases for Amtrak and CSX.......
there can be conductors and engineers and even disbatch. maby the crews that work 2gether can do signal calling.

It's just a thought but i need 2 know who's onboard so that when i start im not alone.
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Yes i would if the route was a small route with a 10 to 12 track yard, with two to four towns(two at each end about five miles apart)with about five spurs at each town for trains in the yard to deliver loaded cars to and pick up empty cars then return to yard.That would be about all the time a multiplayer will want to play. To have four players at one time would be great.So give it a try see what happen.