Pedestrian/cycle bridge needed - ideas please


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Hi all,

Was wondering if anybody could suggest/point me to kuids, in order to build this pedestrian/cycle bridge which I need for a route?:-

(PS... obviously not expecting to find something identical, or even a complete bridge, but some similar splines or that cable-stayed structure would be helpful. Had a quick look on DLS but, as I think we're all aware by now, it's not co-operating much at the moment).

(PPS... It does cross over a railway too... between the car park and the apartment block).

(click pic for original from the web).

I have downloaded the following:

kuid <kuid:84912:25203> Username "Brook"
description "16th century stone pack horse bridge, now a foot bridge, which spans Hebden Water at Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, U.K.

<kuid:225064:4010939> Username "shoves"

Dropover Pedestrian Bridge

kuid <kuid:60238:38189> username "vulcan"

Pedestrian Bridge

Out of the three, I would guess "vulcan's" is the closest to the one in your picture - a suspension type of slightly older, more conventional design.

Hope that helps you! :)