pathing and computing power?

Another stupid question to ask, I know, but smkiller got me thinking about hardware and their possiblities. I was discussing with him about the West Coastway and driving trains from Portsmouth to London with any possible route, e.g.
via Guildford and Woking
via Guildford and Epsom
via Barnham, Horsham, Epsom and Croydon
via Barnham, Crawley, Gatwick Airport and Croydon
via Barnham, Hove, Gatwick Airport and Croydon
via Barnham either via Horsham and crawley or via Hove, Gatwick, Croydon, Crystal Palace, etc.

Now, for realism, particulary if you are driving to london, you need to know the weekly timetable. The busiest place will be Clapham Junction (daily throughput of over 1,800 trains a day, stopping or passing, going to Victoria or Waterloo.), the trouble is, 1,800 trains alone would probably choke your processor (if we go for the Worst case scenario).
But that begs the question, how many trains can this hardware setup cope with?

Mine is:
AMD64x2 3800+
DDR400 2gb RAM
Geforce 7600 GT card
250gb seagate (I think) SATA hard drive

Surely, 1,800 trains would choke it in an instant, right? And what is the limit Trainz can handle anyway?
Questions questions.
With that you should be able to do a lot, my ancient relic of a computer has exactly the recommended requirements for TRS2006 except half the RAM, it can (though not without much difficulty) do about 100 trains (not all moving) at 1-2 fps. But 1800 trains a day? That is a train every 48 seconds, if you have portals immediately after the station entrance/exit tracks it is certainly possible but I wouldn't know, being myself a person who does stuff with a lot less traffic. As for how many trains Trainz can take I do not know, I guess as much until your processor starts shrieking in pain:p .

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