Paging Philskene

Remember when we were advocating to have the " Edit Trains " put back into " Driver " mode?

I recently noticed two things that could be good for your " manual " loading and unloading preference.

The driver command : Train Product Info, when accessed through the engine will show the commodities in all cars in that train. This helps me because just clicking on a car seems to not work more than once for me sometimes. I wish they would fix the idea that most times I can only get " Details " of an industry once per driver session ( generic term ). The way I drive, I try to check commodity levels multiple times and that just does not work anymore!

There is also driver commands : Instant Load At Focus and Instant Unload At Focus that allow the car selected to be individually loaded or unloaded.

The trick is to be aware of these, download them and check them off in the " Driver Commands " section of the " Edit Session " part of setting up your " Driver Session ".

I hope this does not offend, I know you are always more informed than I but I have not been watching the fora lately.

Have a good one!

Wild Willy the Wacko
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