Over 100 death this Sunday morning in train crash India


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The train between Indora and Parna derailed this Sunday morning at 3am (local time) near Pukhrayan (about 100km from Kanpur) in the Uttar Pradesh region, resulting in over 100 death so far and many wounded.

More on the topic in the Times of India.
Same topic by BBC, including pictures (it doesn't look pretty).
I am surprise that more folks are not dead -- I saw a Docmuntary on netflix of Indian railroad -- it's frighting how many young people ride on top of the passengers trains!

I think riding on the outside or roof of trains is less common than it was, certainly not on main line services. From what I've read about this incident, the front of the train took the brunt of the damage. This is where they tend to marshal the "General Second" coaches, i.e. the unreserved cheap seating cars which from what I've read on IRCFA or other sites are usually very full as they are the only class of travel many people can afford or if you haven't reserved in Sleeper Class (which by all accounts is still pretty squalid at least by western standards).

Anyhow RIP to those who died, but this type of incident sadly not unusual on the IR system - after all they kill more trespassers on the line around Mumbai in a day than some national rail systems have fatalities in a year.