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Hi there all,
A few q's

Im just about to build a copy of Hackney Marshalling yard (Western Region) Newton Abbot, and was wondering

1. How I can convert the mileage into real miles using the oo scale surveyor?

2. And what tool can I use to place my Mileposts?

Is there also any way of enabling third party loco's to use the AWS gear included on the default 2006 Trainz Green BRClass37, as My drivers keep crashing the signals? (SPAD) and I have to dock pay when that happens!

Thanks in advance.

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Why not use real scale rather than OO then you can use the built in tape measure/ruler objects to position things without any conversion?

Yep, that's how it works. Just build in whatever scale is most convenient, then edit the route to the scale you want to model. You can even switch back and forth for different stages in construction.

:cool: Claude