Old Trainz Content Creator files: Can they be re-distributed?


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Since shane told me on his forums to seek out if the old Trainz Content Creator files can be redistributed, I thought I ask here since I got no reply on the helpdesk. Basically, as most know, there are a few old cab interiors that have been lost in time due to Auran at the time pulling the plugs on some downloads, and one of these is the PB-15 Cab interior. Is it OK to re-release the file?
No it isn't You need permission from N3V. They probably have more important things to deal with at present.
Like stated, I sent in a Helpdesk ticket sometime back after I read shane's reply on his forums, and haven't received a reply.
Short answer, NO.

Long answer, NO.

They are considered works of art and full under copyright protection. So doing so would be illegal. How ever, 90 years after the asset has been crated, the copyright is lifted and you can freely do whatever. At least I know this is true for things such as photographs.
I wouldn't mind knowing how we will go about the railway simulator concept in 90 years! Retain the status quo? Devices designed for immersion? It's nice to ponder. :hehe:
Actually, form when i was a photo tech, it was for the life time of the photographer, and then 70 years after their death. This applied to photos though.
its something one would have to look up there 100s of different copyrights out there there too confusing and some are abit overrated laws piled on laws no one trusts anyone anymore that's all it seems to look.
As I understand it about the old Content Creator Source files, it was always a condition and so stated by AURAN for the purchaser of these 2 CDs, if using such content on it, this had to be SUBSTANTIALLY MODIFIED, say by 75% or such to be released again by a content creator as a different content. Also stating in the description of the modified content where the original file(s) came from when uploading/releasing these modified files.

Modifications could mean different textures, different sizes/measurements, shapes etc. of the original files from the 2 CDs, hence it was sort of easy to convert the original files to new content. As far as I know, AURAN (or the Brew Crew) did not enforce rigorously the 75% modification rule, as long as these files were reasonably and substantially modified, all seemed to be OK.

Whether this qualifies others who did not purchase these original Content Creator Source CDs, to also distribute these content source files, be they modified or otherwise, well, you need to ask N3V Games or wait for a better answer here.

I should have also stated, NO permission from AURAN was needed, as long as the purchaser of these Content Creator Source CDs stuck to what AURAN had been asking re modifications and statement in the descriptions of the new files, where these came from.

Do you mean the source files or content produced from them.

When they first came out I was given a set of the disk for free, but I was doing a lot of TotR events, what Lendorf says is pretty much spot on. The cab you speak of is on the DLS but you need to meet the right requirements to download it its a bit like the hotrod F7.
Its simple to make an engine spec like the Hotrod F7. As for the pb15 interior. Why (if its under copyright) would you even bring the topic up?
Good Afternoon All
Due to the extreme age of the content creator art source package, being approximately 11-12+ years old (depending on the content you look at), we do not intend on re-releasing the complete art source. We may over time look at releasing specific complex assets as examples to show how the type of content was made (or possibly releasing much newer content of a similar nature), however due to their age they are no longer suitable to be used as a basis for new content. As is outlined in the End User License Agreement for the art source pack, you must edit the content before you can distribute it it in any way, unless you have obtained written permission from us.

In regards to distributing individual asset art source sets, the EULA does outline that you can request permission to do this. However, we do not feel this is appropriate at this time as we are talking about exceedingly old artwork. We have, however, uploaded the PB15 art source to the Trainz Wiki, and you can find this here (note, it is not currently linked to from any pages on the wiki): http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/File:PB_interior.rar

This has been made available so as to allow creators to see how a steam locomotive interior fits together, and due to their age are generally unsuitable for use in altering to create new/modified interiors. The firebox components (fire, fireglow, and inside of the firebox) are still semi relevant at this stage, and may be of use for creators to re-use in their own steam locomotive interiors for animated fire, and working fire glow.

Thanks Zec for clarifying everything. That was mighty nice of you to reupload the PB-15 cab interior as well. Even though it is old, it still is part of the history that made Trainz after all.
Short answer, NO.

Long answer, NO.

They are considered works of art and full under copyright protection. So doing so would be illegal. How ever, 90 years after the asset has been crated, the copyright is lifted and you can freely do whatever. At least I know this is true for things such as photographs.

First, I am not an attorney on any Trainz route, or session, I don't play one on the internet, and don't claim to be one in any jurisdiction. That written, the following is based upon my lay understanding of Title 17 of the US Code.

17 USC 302 specifies that copyright subsists for a period of 70 years after the death of the author, or if a joint work, after the death of the last surviving author, except in the case of pseudonymous or anonymous works, where the copyright subsists until the earlier of 95 years from the date of publication, or 125 years of the date of creation. Many Trainz assets would be considered to be pseudonymous works, as in many of the cases I have looked at the actual name of the author is not shown. I have seen assets where the actual name of the author was known.

However, Trainz is a trans-jurisdictional community, which means that the USC may not apply, as the work was published by an Australian firm, and Australian Intellectual property laws may govern its redistribution.