Normalmap PBR texture does not look right


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I need some help with PBR texture. The problem is that the normalmap does not look right in Trainz 2022. In Blender it is smooth and in Trainz you can count the pixels..... All the textures are 2048x2048 pixels.

I generated the normalmap with Blender. And if I open it in paintshop then I can see it is a smooth texture.
When I import the model in Trainz then I see a warning but I do not know what that means.

I hope that somebody can help me.

The goal is that I want little bumps in the metal of the locomotive.

That looks like pixelation to me which could mean your textures are too small or maybe the UV map "island" for that mesh section isn't getting enough space. I don't yet know what that NaN (not a number) warning is yet. I get them as well.

The pixelation could be caused by the albedo and parameter textures as well.

I'd be examining the relevant mesh islands in the UV map against all the textures. It's hard to get good detail for large areas such as a loco/carriage side unless you can do some clever stuff with UV mapping.

Or, it could be caused by something completely different.

The side off the loco has 2048 pixels for the UV map.
I did some more testing. If I put it on a cube it is still the same on the small and the large face.
Normalmap save as a png => still problem.
In blender texture node normal color space sRGB and non color => still problem
In blender texture node parameter connect it to color or alpha => still problem
Even did a extreme normal setting (blender node on sRGB or non color)=> looks funny :D but still problem.



Thank you.
Compression=none => This solve the problem.

But it still a bit strange because I save the texture non compressed.

Thank you all for helping me.
Now the next phase. Making the parameter texture better.