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It seems was due to the fact that I didn't put my name in the permessions list. I did again all the upload of the entire route, gave me title as Admin and when I exited the MPS route I was able to see it in the MPS route list, marked in yellow as owner and there were no problems in entering any time.
Ok, thanks anyway to every one.

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Hi everybody,
I upload and share a new route (300 tiles) and everything went fine. I share it with another user (who at the moment was offline) add a couple of things (water layer and so) and went out. When I went back to surveyor first I was not able to find my shared route anymore and second, when I tried to reach it through the invite link I shared with my friend I got this message "Connection attempt rejected by servers" and noway to gain access to my route. What's that? What I've to do now? Thanks in advance for all your replies.


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