Newest NS Heritage Unit!


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Today, NS unveiled SOU 3170, an SD40 built for the Southern in the 1970s. It has been fully restored to tuxedo livery. Here is the best part...

"A new addition to Norfolk Southern's "heritage fleet". Southern Railway SD40 #3170 was built in April of 1971 and served for Southern and Norfolk Southern until being retired in 2008. It was recently saved from the back lot and rebuilt into operating condition at NS's Juniata Shop in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and repainted into its original Southern colors at NS's paint shop at Debutts Yard in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 3170 will go back into revenue service, primarily assigned to yard and local service along the Piedmont Division." (per Facebook post by NS)

Picture (not mine):


Time for JR to make the SD40 for Trainz, an paint it as 3170?
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This is amazing! Never thought I'd see a tuxedo high hood in revenue service in my lifetime. Can't wait to see her on the Piedmont!
Now that's exciting! I can tell it's still equipped for long-hood forward running isn't it?
@Enzo1: Yep, Norfolk Southern put the 'F' at the front of the long hood. Long hood forward operations, Southern Railway style is back!
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