its working now

Yup...But ya might wanna use this feature so people don't have to click on the link:

Its called: Hotlink for forums (1)

Works a lot better..........:wave:

PS....Make sure ya UNCHECK the "Include details" so ya don't get 2 pix on here ;)
No pic...Stick with imageshack....Its a lot easier to use.....I dont like using photobucket cause you have to load your pix and then ya have to keep them on there and if you want to delete them from your account...The pix are gone forever...That way on imageshack they will ALWAYS be there :wave:

But at least with Photobucket, you get the choice of deleting them if you wish to do so. :p
Also, deleting pic's that are weeks old will free up some of the forum bandwidth.