New update created a lot of Faulty Assets. Help


When I got this final updated, there's a ton of assets. And I mean a ton. Won't let me revert you original, revert unsubmitted edits, etc. nothing. Under Errors and Warnings it says "uses obsolete trainz build number. Trsinz build numbers below 3.5 no longer supported." Plus missing texture.txt file. Is there a way to fix this or am I going to have to just delete all this screwed up assets and move on?
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You can ignore warnings. It's the errors you should be concerned about.

When you select the faulty filter, narrow that down to faulty assets only and remove missing dependencies and faulty dependencies because those items confuse things.

Next to the name Fault, is an arrow.
Click on the arrow and the filters will expand.
On the far right are plus (+) and minus (-) signs.

Next to Missing dependencies, click on the - to remove that line.
Repeat with Faulty dependencies.

Where the filter is now called "Custom", click save and call that Faulty - only or something similar. This is what I call mine.

If you've done this right, you'll have a much better time finding out what's truly faulty and what's not.

Once you select and view errors and warnings, exit the screen and come back in. This will refresh the database and show you anything that's truly faulty. I had about 34 assets that were faulty. Two of the assets I had imported from backups and I needed to run PEV's Images2TGA on them, the others were old and I deleted them because I hadn't used them in 20 years.

In addition to focusing on the faulty assets, I highly recommend checking for any updates. There have been some updates to DLC packages as well as assets on the DLS. These may also repair some of your faulty content.
Sometimes there are "False" faulties that all you have to do is double-click the asset to bring up the description or right-click and select Open - Preview Asset. As John mentioned, this forces the database to look at the asset and see that is not actually faulty. I seem to get these whenever I do a DBR or install a service pack.