New to virtual railroading and lovin' it


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Hello everyone, since high school I have been an arm-chair modeler with big ideas and a small budget. I had a small HO shelve layout at one time and was also a local club member for a few years but, like many, never had the space or the money to even attempt anything. I discovered TRS2006 in Oct of '06 and after delving into it realized that it, and what I found to be called "Virtual Railroading", was like a dream come true in the areas that I was previously lacking (space & $$$). I enjoy North American routes and dip into NG while holding a soft spot for the Wisconsin Central, where I grew up, and early Milwaukee Road. I have enjoyed reading some of the post here and look forward to reading more but it's late and I need to shunt on towards the hobo jungles in my dreams. Later, JohnnyG:cool:
welcome i hope you enjoy trainz as much as we do here on the forum. and i hope you enjoy some of the content we create!
Johnny, we're all glad that you've found Trainz and I'm sure that you'll thouroughly enjoy it. I'm a model railroader, but I've found that I get much more pleasure out of virtual railroading. I like the 'hands-on' every now and then, but with virtual railroading, space is definitely not a problem and other than the cost of the computer and the simulator itself, cost is not really a factor.
Welcome to the forum Johnny, plenty to see here, if ever you have any interest for German rail equipment just contact me...