New Site & Forum

Hi Piero, I have signed up. Look forward to the many projects that you'll be producing from that site.:)
Hi Colhad and welcome :D

Hope to release as soon as possible first layout and many other things.

If somebody want to help me ....... :)
Hi Jack and thank you

I'd like to create an international site (and it is, 90% people comes all around the world :)) and all kind of help is welcome.
For example you can help me finishing layout or like tester, I'm still moving first steps with Gmax so all 3D modelling are very welcome.
And so on :D
Re: Help

Not that good of a layout maker, as I have not made anything. Can help as a tester. My system is somewhat fast if the polys are not real high and I do have alot of hard drive space. I also have a "yousendit" free account for large files and High speed internet access. So anytime for testing anything.:D :D


P.s. If you know GOR, I am working with his layout "La Robla"
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