New map , hope it gets approved by Halloween night


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Yep, my new multiplayer map is ready .. Dugout Full/Dig deep in the Pits 1.5 (revision 3 waiting on approval now)
Pit your skills against others in this friendly competitive environment.:cool:
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Just made a quick update to the traffic lights. Needs some testing by others so I can see if I got them all done properly.
Well, ok , I had to make the map even more fun to play. Thus the map release got held up a bit. So hang on, cause DLS will soon have the latest revision, as promised.
Dig Deep in the Pits 1.5 rev 3
will soon be through the approval process and available on DLS. Trainz rocks!!!:Y:
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Map update now available on DLS

Yep , it's true. The two player map
Dig Deep in the Pits 1.5
is now on DLS and ready to go. I am looking for any feedback on what type of gameplay people want to see , and any suggestions are also welcome....
New map

I down loaded your map and think it a good map and will be even better with anoghter player.
There a lot to learn and i'm working on it.
Heheh, hey Danny that's great ,I hope you enjoy it.

You bet it will be a fun two player map.
I even have plans to add in 2 -two player teams at some point using the spare Locos. It should make it quite the busy map !!
The observer chopper can be used by anyone who joins just to watch the battle in progress, or by one of the players. Just watch your speed :D
I wanted to give the chopper alot of different angles of the map so this of course reduces how fast the bird can fly.