NEW! KUJU Rail Simulator to release Isle of Wight Add-On

Looks smart. I find this interesting - probably something to do with me living on the Island - but also find it a strange choice of route for an official update. Surely there are routes that would generate more interest than a small line which, if it has been modelled prototypically, limits you to Underground style stock because of the clearances at Ryde tunnel and the reduced platform heights!

I could understand more if the whole of the original Isle of Wight network back in its heyday had been included. It would be interesting to find out why this route was chosen.

Regards, Kev
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According to a RSDL rep posting on UKTS, the Island Line and IOW Steam Railway was chosen as a test bed to assess for future projects. Looks good but must admit, once you've driven the enhanced siding that is the Network Rail line a couple of times and maybe a round trip on the Steam line there's not much long term interest.

With RS now going for US$7.99 at (budget MSTS is actually dearer at US£12.99!) the pricing of these add-ons may be a bit tricky for Kuju/RSDL.
well the IOW was chosen because of its small size and ease of accessibility so they could make sure it was completely accurate and properly detailed. Im hardly a subway fan but the amount of detail itself makes this route look appealing, the steamers dont sound bad either.
you will want to check this video out
If you have looked at the screenshots then you will recognize it, at the end you will also see the hovercraft which is seen in one of the screenshots, which definetly steals the show from the subway cars.
That stock looks horribly wrong, the front end just spoils it. Its too... rounded and protruded too far.

yeah, there's definatley something not right about the 483 there

I mentioned that in a conversation prior to this thread appearing! Mind you I can't talk :eek: In my defense though, it was my first attempt! :eek:

Regards, Kev
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I enjoy playing KRS but the route building tools are ... well abusive. The difficulty of laying track is quite challenging.. although this is somewhat offset by the fact that the game automatically builds animated junctions and you can "weld" real diamond crossings. I might get into it more with these addons coming out but the ease of using Surveyor always keeps me coming back to Trainz :)
. . . . Does every thread that has something to do with KRS have to turn into a bash KRS thread? :eek:
One could make a equal argument about trs....

Well it's interesting, at $20 for a diesel shunter I suppose it's cheaper than model railways but I don't think I can quite afford it, nor for the machine upgrade to run it. At least the content is cheaper in Trainz and from what I hear of KRS there is more of it available on the DLS.

Animated passengers sounded interesting but we can do that in Trainz now so what's left? Some enhanced texturing done by artists that can be done in 3DS or even Blender in Trainz. We just need a few more artists.

Cheerio John
Omber i agree that the KRS routebuilder has a very steep learning curve, however once you get past the tracklaying it can be quite fun and there is alot of options not available in TRS, you just need a good bit of patience working with track, but i find it worth it simply because in RS i can take it for a quick test run after im done without going through agonizing load time(which im sure doesnt affect people with good computers, but why do you need a advanced PC to run a game that is basically from 2003) , i think that the ingame editing is one of the best aspects of the KRS editor as it lets you fix a small detail here and there without ending your session (or adding a switch if you find out your on the course for a cornfield meet :p )

John, the class 08 shunter pack contains 12 different paint schemes, by contrast 20 bucks will get you just 4 loco's at some trainz sites..
Might i add that the RS models are accurately detailed and use realistic textures while the trs models have textures a bit on the less than lifelike side to put it lightly...
Im sure you can find a better deal on TRS payware at a different site, the main issue hear is not the actual price, just the low low low value of the dollar, 9 pounds is quite reasonable over on the other side of the pond.
As for freeware of course theres more content for Trs, but it has had what now 5 year to build up. There is alot of absolutely stunning looking content appearing at
The UKTS has alot to offer if your into UK steam and even if your not they are great looking models to look at anyways.
As for advanced texturing and modeling, have a look at what can be done by a good artist.
Im sure many of you can tell who built that, while Ns37's models look great in TRS, in RS the quality is virtually render like, check out the shadows of the handrails, horn, fan etc. These are created through shaders and actually change with the lighting. It could be done in TRS but the shadows would have to be made part of the texture and would remain in the same place no matter what time of day (or night) it was.

Enough already guys. This continuum about which is better is meaningless as it's all subjective and in some cases there are agendas involved which have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of either sim. So enjoy whichever one you want or better yet both. :)