Need some help with AI


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I have Trainz 2010EE. I am working on a session for a modified Springfield Industrial District (I put a MIN New at the Power Plant so it takes coal). I would like to be able to then assemble a train of the coal cars and gondolas from the scrap yard and have an AI train take this to a portal for loading/unloading. I have a trigger on Yard 2 that wakes up the AI engine (the one lined up with the turntable the Alco is player controlled) It then is supposed to Navigate to Yard 5, then to the lead/Yard 1 (lower right of pic), the couple on to the consist on Yard 2 and drive to the portal. What is happening is that the AI will go as far as the Yard 1 trackmark then refuse to set the switch for Yard 2. In the course of things I have put a trackmark visible just before the swithc for a Drive Via command so that the switch is the next thing the AI should see. I have tried placing some of sniper 297's permissive signals at this switch and an invisible signal before the consist. I still get the same result. I was able to manually drive through the switch and resume schedule with the trackmark a bit before the trigger and the couple consist facing trackmark command. Driving through the switch with the current configuration and a couple at trackmark command results in the AI just sitting on Yard 2 and going nowhere.


Any help would be most appreciated as I have searched the forums for quite a bit and everything I have read about yields the above described results, or more lack of.
You might have the trigger to near the junction as the junction wont change until the train has completed the drive to/via trigger. By the time the train has done that it may be within the junctions radius and not able to change the lever. Also check the problematic junction for the placement of the lever.
I just ran another test, this with Snipers permissive signals and eliminating the drive via TM. With the consist on the track the AI will not change this junction, nor drive through it if I change it. If I drive through it it works from there fine. I also just ran a test where I activated the starting trigger with just my loco and cleared out from track 2. Under these conditions the AI did switch the junction and did drive to the correct trackmark, where naturally it stalled out as the expected consist was not there for it to couple to.
After a bit of luck and MUCH testing I have found and resolved the problem. The player controlled engine must back the cars to the spot. The solution to maintain the facing of the player engine that I wanted is to issue a reverse direction command to its AI driver and then spot the cars. I suspect that this arises due to the AI changing direction and not simply reversing.