Mystery Trainz Route Ironton Railroad

Hello all, I've come with a request. Would anyone happen to know what happened to this trainz route? It was created Rooneth3808 and was a recreation of the Ironton railroad, a shortline based out of PA. I don't know much but might have been released back in the day around 2013 or 15 on United States Locomotive Works (USLW) I'm not sure. I've discussed with a few people and one of them did have the route at some point but lost it after a hard drive crash. I have thought about contacting the creator but they have been gone from the forums since 2019. I'll leave some images of the route here in case it jogs anyone's memory as well as the trainz forum post for the route itself...

If anyone can aid in this hunt or give info that would be great.




I would've like to give this route a try, but I missed out on it.

Speaking of Rooneth3808, this is a different subject, but didn't he also made the NS Reading Line? I can still get the full version of the original route from USLW Wayback Machine page or the shorter version from the DLS and I'm not sure if there will be newer versions of that route one day since the original uses TRS2004/TRS2006 assets because it was released back in the TRS2006 era. I'm just saying because that sounds familiar to me.
I have been looking for other routes from USLW too, such as Peapack branch line and the LIRR but they aren't on the USLW archive so yeah lol