My first attempt, (trip through Cajon Pass)


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Having enjoyed many "realistic" layouts , and admired those who created them, I myself decided to have a go at it, and start working on it. I have a lot to learn, and any suggestions, comments or advice will be welcome. The stretch of land I'm modelling covers the area between the outskirts of San Bernardino and Hesperia. I know the task ahead is huge, but getting any "acceptable" results would be very rewarding.

Considering the fact that I'm a foreigner, any help concerning the area, track maps, etc. will be truly appreciated. :)

These are some images of the w.i.p.:








Hi Manuel
Looking at the shots here I would say you defiantly have the touch, an excellent piece of work so far in my opinion, looking forward to more shots in the future
Regards Bob V
LOOKS great:udrool: :udrool: :mop: :mop: . and btw HOW DO YOU GET google earth maps in trainz?
Thanks for your encouraging words, here's a bit of a different area:



PS. I used Transdem to make the route and import Google Earth images.

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NICE ! Looking very realistic there !

What is the name of the tracks used in your last shot ?

@K4driver: It's a payware utility for making DEM-based routes. Type "Transdem" in the search engine here, there's a whole thread about it.
@Gansta_Boi: track is kuid:45324:38004, (on the DS).;)

I'll try to keep you informed, if you're interested, of course.

Cheers, :wave:

Hello Manuel, those screenshots look wonderful and it seems as though you've got the magic touch with creating your layout to resemble the real thing. May I just ask please if this route is for TRS2004 or 06 with SP1 ??

Please keep us all up to date with your progress over the next few months. Good Luck.....

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
Wow ... looks like I'm not the only one working on the Cajon Pass......

Maybe 2 routes is better than one, or maybe 3 route makers making one route is better than 3 route designers making 2...

I live in LA and am working with CaddyLars on making the West Colton Yard to Barstow from DEM's and Georefed images from Trans Dem as well. I would like to see if we can combine our efforts instead of splitting them.

See this thread
Please ignore, the KUID does work, i pressed username instead of KUID when searching *blushes*

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Thanks for your support, gentlemen, here's an update:





@Buzz, no problem, we can share our progress. Besides, I would be very grateful if you could help me with the signalling task and the accuracy of track-laying. Any source of info you could lead me to will be welcome ;)!

@Ex-railwayman: I really appreciate your words, thanks a lot!

Take care,

Ok.. well that sounds good... But I must confess that I was planning on taking quite a while making this route... I have plans to be as prototypical as possible, which means I am taking my time. I probably won't get to the actual pass for a while... The entire route, which is colton to barstow, will be well over 300 boards. This means that I will be making the entire thing in modules that can be merged together. Right now I have all the reference material for the first module which is Colton to the old Santa Fe depot. Then the next module will be the north end of the SF depot, to the summit of the pass, then the summit to Victorville... Etc, Etc... I don't plan on moving onto the next module until the previous is finished and tested thouroughly. With this detail we probably won't be done with the first module anytime soon...

The other complication involves the ability to merge seamlessly. As I see it, the only way to do that, is to Import the entire dem set into Trans Dem, then cut each module out to import into trainz....... I have done a test and the merge works 100% seamless. After the merge you just connect the two tracks and your done... The only problem with that, is that, we would have to work from one Trans Dem DEM....Either way, I am still looking for more ppl who would like to get involved...

Your stuff looks fabulous, and I would really like to help you on research photos of the pass that I have taken....

@msdejesus & Buzz313th:

I really appreciate your screenshots. That's a very nice kind of feedback.

About seamless merge for TransDEM-built modules: As long as the two modules are in the same UTM zone, the baseboards will always match horizontally. If they have been created from the same DEM, elevations will also match.