Multiplayer Route


join 1-1-2005
I have someone trying to join my session of my route and for some reason they can not join.
They have everything needed to join but can't.
No missing Dependents, no error,no faulty but still can't join.
I have other people join,but for some reason they can't.
The route is T and W Car Tagger MP Session v2
The Kuid:105915:100221>
Are both of you on the same Trainz TS12 build?
Worth double-checking. Maybe one of you did not run all hot-fixes. Some people claim to be on the latest build but when they actually check the number and match it with the latest build they figure out they are not.

Is one of you using Steam and the other the real version?

Check if any of you have locally modified assets (route, session, dependencies, dependencies of dependencies, dependencies of dependencies of dependencies, etc).
Thank for responding|:
Same Build 61388
Same version Trainz
No local modified asset
No missing Dependences
Nothing Broken
Printed out a copy of my files and matched to there SAME word for word.
Both live in the USA I in Va. them in NY.
We both have very good Internet.
They Cleared out the Game from their computer Completely and reinstalled it fix all missing dependence's re-downloaded the route & session & still having the same Problem.
I have a few assets that are broken but I can Join or host a session.Their are in better shape then mine!
WE ARE LOST. as to why they cant join or host.
I looked at his thru Team Viewer and can't see anything wrong.
Ok they have taken out the MP rule and they can get into the session and drive all the trains on the route.
Sounds like you checked everything but the firewall. Since my knowledge of firewalls is limited, I cant help you with what to open or fix related to that.

If that's not it, be sure to send a ticket to the helpdesk, including as much information as possible (so effectively the content of this topic plus whatever else you can think of).