Move ALL TRS19 files & folders to another disk drive


I have seen a number of posts that say how to move the TRS19 Local folder to another disk but I have yet to find instructions to COMPLETELY move all the folders especially the large folders with many GBs of data to another folder.

Specifically, the whole "BUILD nnnnn" folder and all sub-folders. Hopefully this also allow for all future downloads of DLC or DLS routes & content to be located there as well.

Hopefully a complete new install and download of everything I have installed is not required but if so - then it may be required.

The goal is to keep the C:\ as free of TRS19 related files as possible.

Copy the "buildxxxxxx" folder to the new location, copying the folder copies all the sub folders and files.
From the launcher > Trainz Settings Install > where it says local data folder, click the three dots at the end and browse to wherever your local data folder is located and select the folder.
TRS19 should then do a quick database repair, I suggest when it's finished before doing anything or looking at manage content run the database repair again.
If after all this there is anything sitting in open for edit, right click revert to original. Same if anything is faulty, right click revert to original.

Don't delete the original folder until you have established everything is working properly!

You can actually move the TRS19 folder, only issue would be changing the shortcut and allowing it through the firewall when prompted or your install it again to a new location, so long as you have your original local data it's relatively quick

I use SSDS one for each version I have installed, My TRS19 is installed on G:\Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019\ and I put the local data (build folders contents) in a folder named userdata in the TRS19 install folder. E.G. G:\Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019\Userdata
You can call the userdata folder whatever you want
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The instructions on the "launch window - Trainz settings - Install tab - Instructions for moving your content" button are exactly what you are looking for.
I found this build folder transfer method to bee what I was looking for. It freed up the most disk space on C:\

A little more testing to see where new downloads reside will complete my goals.

I purchased a new SSD hard drive and want to move my buildxxxxxx folder to the new drive with my fresh new install of TRZ 2019 Platinum, but can't seem to get the launcher to recognize the new location as noted in the post above. It keeps asking me to log in and the destination goes back to the original. Any help on this will be very appreciated! Thank you, Danny
In addition to moving the build folder, you must tell TRS19 where to look for it.
There is a little text file that must be edited to include the new path. (I am away from my system for a few more days thus I can’t be more specific now).

Look in the build folder or main folder where it was installed for it. Add the new path and close and exit completely from TRS19. Restart TRS19 and you should be fine. If not check the path details again.

The file wmm1216 is referring to is "userdata-redirect-map" and it's located in the directory above the "build {key}" folder:

D:\Users\Chili\Documents\N3V Games\trs19\

The contents of the map text file will show where all (or just one) of your builds are/is located:

"C:\Program Files\N3V Games\TRS-SP3" "D:/Users/Chili/Documents/N3V Games/trs19/build y78igf4r1"
"C:\Program Files\N3V Games\TRS-SP4" "D:/Users/Chili/Documents/N3V Games/trs19/build k7585ixa1"
"C:\Program Files\N3V Games\TRS-SP5" "D:/Users/Chili/Documents/N3V Games/trs19/build tbxyh9jy1"