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@Dermmy - I use the C+MR digholes.

Easy to place into their own named layer and hide.
The big 70x70 piece I have stopped using. It does not align well with the other pieces.

I leave an 8, (5m grid) border all the way around the layout - place dig-holes to fill that border, and then drop the "floor" down to -58 meters. That's about the right height for a scale floor.
This level border will keep scenery placed near the edges of your layout from dropping down to the floor. Floor splines, fascia, valances, walls and furniture all get their own layers. Allows user flexibility and easy editing of the layer assets.

<kuid:243828:100111> C+ MR Dighole 180x20m E-W
<kuid:243828:100210> C+ MR Dighole 60x20m E-W
<kuid:243828:100114> C+ MR Dighole 180x20m N-S
<kuid:243828:100139> C+ MR Dighole 1x1
<kuid:243828:100209> C+ MR Dighole 60x20m N-S
<kuid:243828:100744> C+ MR Dighole 70 x 70


Hangman Creek


Graubunden Swiss MRR


Sissiboo Lumber and Mining Railway



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St James Park is another new 'model railway' style route I have almost ready for release. This one is UK based - specifically early British Railways, Southern Region. It is built in the classic terminus to fiddle yard style, the terminus being in an undisclosed urban environment and for those familiar with real British model railways from the second half of the last century (that's a scary concept lol) it is fundamentally a straight steal from the late CJFreezer's classic 'Minories' track plan, albeit with the addition of a couple of platforms and a significant increase in length. The fundamentals though - especially the attractive (if unlikely) reverse-curve station approach, the retaining wall back-drop and the small parcels/goods shed are retained. The route includes a small locomotive sub-shed (based on one of several CJF extension suggestions), a goods only branch to a small harbour, a secondary through station, and a branch line to a rural terminus serving a small coal loading facility. Coal on the Southern? Unlikely, but not impossible.

The route is 'gymnasium sized': nominally 40meters by 20 meters in 'OO' scale.

So why a GW train in the screenies? Obviously I visited on a Saturday and it was a football special.....

Leaving the Fiddle Yard...

...passing the branch exchange sidings...

...passing the MPD sub-shed with the harbour in the background...

...traversing the station throat...

...and finally drawing to a stand in Platform 3 as the 10.00am London Express simmers quietly in Platform2. Faithful to the original CJF plan there are no run-around arrangements on the main line platforms, which require the use of a station pilot to release the train engine. I have added a run around to the suburban platform, closest to camera...

The terminus has an optional overall roof covering the First Class end of the platforms, added or removed simply by toggling the visibility of a 'Station Roof' layer in Surveyor...

Why removable? Because you find the stygian gloom below either atmospheric or a bl@@dy nuisance, as seen in this shot of the arrival of a diverted Pines Express off the S&D...

And finally to prove it's not all gritty filtered sunlight, the branch passenger service passing through some sylvan countryside...

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I have a question to all model railroad creators .

Do you have any third party content that you used for your route and can't be find on the DLS ? Can you list and share them with us ?

Thank you .
Thank you!
I like to try and make a different country from time to time just to change things up. Most times I've make North America content (USA and Canada) and two British routes and that was it. Germany was something I wanted to try and for a first time I don't think it turned out too bad.
This route I went with this setup as its not a seasonal route. Most of the route is set in the summer months and the remaining 5 rooms are all winter.

lol - it was inspired by that route actually. There is another room behind the cam in the picture that has another inspired location from that route.