Missing Road


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Hi Guys
is there any one out there to know where i can
find this road system
name is [ Cesta ]
kind regards
I found these on the DLS.

<kuid:334133:196156> Macesta_table_station
<kuid:334133:196172> Rotonda_Macesta
<kuid:334133:196174> bridge_macesta
<kuid:77641:37013> Cesta A prerusovana cara
<kuid:334133:196173> Loader_Rotonda_Macesta
<kuid:681592:100033> Vozovna cesta do jinam a vedlejsi trat
<kuid:200439:37255> Cesta n 2p pr-3m-3m o

Are these what you are looking for?
I found quite a few "Cesta" roads in my CM. They are included in the routes <kuid2:494602:101044:1> BRETAGNE de LANNEVEZ a PORDIC 2021 (most of them) and <kuid:494602:101966> MG GREAT BRITAIN HARBOUR, both by GIRAUD:

<kuid:77641:37013> Cesta A prerusovana cara
<kuid:147484:37202> Cesta sterk 1 bp
<kuid:77641:37010> Cesta A bez
<kuid:77641:37011> Cesta A plna cara
<kuid:147484:37209> Cesta asfalt stara bp
<kuid:77641:37017> Cesta B prerusovana cara
<kuid:147484:37126> Cesta D plna a prerusovana cara
<kuid:77641:37014> Cesta B bez
<kuid:77641:37015> Cesta B plna cara
<kuid:147484:37125> Cesta D plna cara
<kuid:147484:37121> Cesta n 3p to 2p boc o
<kuid:147484:37249> Cesta n 2p boc o
<kuid:147484:37250> Cesta n 2p bz
<kuid:147484:37277> Cesta n 2p kr T 2p o
<kuid:147484:23185> Cesta n 2p kr T 2p o ba B
<kuid:147484:23150> Cesta n 2p kr Y45 2p P o ba
<kuid:147484:37255> Cesta n 2p pr-3m-3m o
<kuid:147484:37302> Cesta n 2p to-3p o
<kuid:147484:37120> Cesta n 3p boc o 2
<kuid:147484:37497> Cesta polni 3a
<kuid:147484:37498> Cesta polni 3b
<kuid:147484:37281> Cesta s 2p kr T cz o
<kuid:147484:37363> Cesta s 4p pr-3m-6m o plny str
Hi forester 1
thanks for your reply
yes that roads i am after
so i will as fCM for a link where i can download
those roads