Missing kuids UMR2014 Summer Route


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Would really appreciate if anyone could guide me to the following kuids for the referenced route.

Have searched Kuid index and DLC with no luck. When you go to the 334896 numbers says site does not exist.
Ant suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I googled the kuid and came up with this in 0.23 seconds: http://socaltrains.weebly.com/locomotives.html Evidently the site does not have any downloads available, as the links do not work.

When a site goes offline, that is usually the end of the asset. That is why uploading to the DLS is so great of an importance, as it is a huge repository library

45324:100186:1 is probably over at JointedRail
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Thanks guys. I know that these are going to be hard to get. Site is down and I have no clue what to look for over at Jointed Rail.
Thanks again for trying to help me out.