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So, some of you may have content with Missing Dependencies. For rookies and veterans, I'm here to help. You can normally find what you need by right-clicking the object and viewing "Dependencies". Anything with a "DS" on it means you can download it. View in main list and select/download what you can.

Then there's when you see a question mark ("?"). That means whatever KUID (it normally doesn't say what it is) isn't available on the Download Station and likely didn't come with whatever you downloaded. This is commonly a problem among Sodor Island 3D stuff (for any who want Thomas Trainz 12 content, the new site is http://www.si3d.co.nr/, but at the time of this post it was unavailable). To fix it, open it in Content Creator Plus and find the missing KUID. If it's an enginesound, replace it with an enginesound relevant to what the loco is (steam, diesel, electric, etc). The same goes for hornsounds, enginespecs, Cab Views and bogeys. If it isn't there, search the KUID list (normally at the bottom of the string) for the KUID. If it doesn't say what it is, just replace it with something random. Try not to out any meshes or sounds, for one because the sound will constantly play. Only useful for idling engines that you always want making noise. Instead, I found it better to replace such a KUID with aa shadow 2m or aa shadow 5m.

If this doesn't fix it, contact me on this post or at [you do not want spam]

Faulty dependencies work the same way. However, if the Faulty item is an engine (such as it being unable to read a texture file), I'm sorry to say I haven't found a way to fix this yet. That's why I can't get things like skarloey123's Alfred to work in Trainz 12.

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Well you've got some of the stuff figured out. :)

You might be interested in this though:


This is a free to use, though donations welcome, with a login required website which will search out missing assets and provide links to where they can most likely be found. It's very useful. What am I saying, extremely helpful, and a source of links to other content you might find interesting.

To repair texture issues, you'll find the PEV's Tools to be helpful. His Images2TGA will fix 99% of these unless the images are created in T:ANE, which now are made differently, or the content creator did some odd things with the model and texture in the first place which makes repairing the images impossible.

In addition to the link provided above for missing dependencies, right here in the forums here, you may find this thread helpful as well.


Even though the information is in the TS2010 support thread, the information is still just as relevant today.