MBTA Green Line to be extended to Medford and Somerville.


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The MBTA has finally gotten the go ahead late last year to extend the Green Line (tram) line to Union Square in Somerville and to Medford Square. The new lines will run along existing railroad ROW which is now used by commuter rail trains on the Fitchburg and Lowell lines. The existing Lechmere station, which dates back to the 1910s or 1920s will be demolished and the tracks will be shifted off the famous viaduct on to what used to be the former B&M freight yard ROW and then out to the destinations.



http://youtu.be/UYQsB3wQF84?list=UUxp_mWe1uTbaDgw3MqSLb2g - A ride on the Union Branch to Union Square in Somerville

http://youtu.be/nuhM3Vxc_O8?list=UUxp_mWe1uTbaDgw3MqSLb2g - A ride on the Medford Square line.

I know the graphics are typical CAD construction with poor looking track and missing catenary! It's too bad we couldn't redo their presentation in Trainz!

What's interesting is this is the first extension of the Green Line in many decades, and replaces service that once ran to these places about 50-odd years ago. I remember the old car barn in Union Square complete with trolley wires and trolley tracks entering it. By the time I came along and saw this, the tracks were stub-ended on the street and the car barn was used for diesel busses. The old station in Medford Square, not the new one to be built on the RR ROW, still exists as a bus shelter in the middle of a parking lot. At one time there was a car barn and storage yard there, where the shopping center and parking lot is today.

Now if they had left the old lines in place, we wouldn't have to pay for this twice.