Maria's Pass (Heavy Hauler Session) - Unable to couple


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I had version 1 of Maria's pass and downloaded the Heavy Hauler session and the whistle fix.

When I try to couple the SF SD40 to the second BN SD40 as per instructions, it won't couple:confused: . The loco literally bounces even doing 5mph. As I can't couple with the train I am unable to continue the session.

Any suggestions would be appreciated?
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Bouncing couple-up

Sounds like a broken coupler. Marias Pass sessions have the coupler strain feature. If the coupler is broken, the result is as you described. I found no other way to correct than restart the session. If you saved before the break, you can start there.

I have trs2006 all service packs everything works great but the driver commands they don't even appear and i portals don't work also when ANY map loads the camera just goes to a default position and you have to find your train via map any sugestions:'(