Major frustration error solution needed....


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Hello all...

Have relocated from England to Spain and have bought myself a laptop to feed my trainz addiction, after having been cold turkey for nearly four months. Installed TRAINZ2004 on my Windows Vista Basic (Urgh, can´t unlock language from Spanish, oh well, need to learn the lingo) and it runs lovely....BUT:

When I try to install custom content or run despatcher or install trainz download helper it tells me trainz is not installed on this computer. In Spanish obviously. (Trainz no esta instalado en este ordenador. Instala Trainz, por favor. If you are seriously interested or doubt my Spanish ability!!)

Is anyone familiar with this problem. Because trainz runs fine, but can´t download anything me please (or ayuda me por favor if you like!)

Muchas Gracias todo,

Hi Mike,
Have you entered your user name and password in TRS2004 and in Trainz helper?

No as user but it obviously does that ´Vista thing´ of asking permission before doing absolutely anything!! I have the ability to say yes or no to all these requests, so assume as only user on computer I have admin rights.....New to Vista and especially new to trying to use a computer in Spanish, so could it make a difference?
Download Helper is now working. Slightly confused but I welcome the development. Individual KUIDs downloaded without Helper still not working, but this is better than no download rights at all....thank you for your psychic communication with my PC....I can return to my Slartybartfasting now.....