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I've downloaded a backdrop from the DLS. It is kuidz_68236_100048_1.

Problem is - now I've got it, I can't find it!

I have looked in TR2004/world, aand I can see it OK. But I cannot locate it in Surveyor. I've checked through all the different categories, and I can't find it anywhere.
If it is there and I've missed it, can aanyone please tell me where to find it in Surveyor?

I might be wrong but I don't think backdrops can be used in TRS2004 can they? As I understand it they are a new feature introduced in TRS2006.

I can't really answer as I don't have 04 but as far as I know backdrops are just objects like any other which you can place on a map and rotate / shift up and down etc. I don't see any reason for not being able to use them in 04.

They should just be somewhere amongst the scenery objects.


Ian you will find the item in surveyor I use it a lot first on the bars below the listings that state all left click on the top bar and scroll down to UKBL left click to hold it in screen then scroll down the list of items in the upper frame and you will find UKBL Country Background left click on it then click on add button and it will appear on the grid.
Thanks a lot Trackplate and Bertie Boy.

Went to Surveyor and found it no trouble!

I don't understand how I missed it first time round. I thought I checked everything!
My apologies. In July 2005 an official Auran list of the features in TRS2006 included this:

"New Object type: “Backdrops”
There is now the ability to create objects that are always rendered regardless of the view distance settings. This enables “backdrop” objects to remain visible allowing the user to set up landscaped horizons such as mountains and skyscrapers."
Backdrops are still listed as a feature of TRS2006 on http://www.auran.com/TRS2006/index.php > Product Info, but without the emphasis on them being new.

Mind you, animated turnouts are also featured in both documents and they work in TRS2004 too.

Sorry if my post caused anybody else confusion.