Looking for Petr Kubik (linkoln_avto2)


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Does anyone have contact details for Petr?

I tried mailing his e-mail address mentioned in the Junction Switch asset that he has recently uploaded, no reply yet.

Need to get his permission to expand the asset into a route selector.


I think I've seen his name on either eastern european or Russian sites. If he's who I think he is, there could be a variety of problems going on here.

And yes, checking his name on CM I see lots of Cyrilic. Did you you try sending him the letter in Russian? He may not speak/read english and use a translator to put English in his assets or anything else.

One of his assets lists a Forum at www.avto2016.getbb.ru

I know I've seen his name posted around a different Forum/site, but I can't remember for the life of me which one it was....

Good Luck,
Thanks for the suggestions, Falcus. Kubik seems to be quite a common name. I'v sent him a PM so will see what happens.

Cheers - Trevor