Look what I found.. 51 Ford dump / 36 ford police


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1951 Ford FK3500.cdp Dump

Corona Assets.cdp
Unknown Location: <kuid:396831:1377>
can be found here:
Scroll down /look for post “My misstake,
it's Ekans Red Corona.
Here it is “

1936 Ford Y police car

Ford Y Polisbil 1936.cdp
Scroll 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] from bottom page
Can be Americanized.
The mesh warps any graphic on door
Can someone warp a star/badge on door
I tried but don't have skills.
If yes/post as screenshot to copy paste to main tga
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These look realy nice but exactly where do you click for the cdp file? Did you use a translator?

Id like to reskin a couple of these?
Yes ,you need a translator to register and download.
Its worth it..
I have several posts titled "look what i found"
Probably could put them in one place so folk's could follow your little "Find's", You have found sum cool stuff and i'd hate to see the post's lost or hard to find all over the shop. Only a suggestion.
Cheers Mick.:)