Lock tutorial?


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Is there a tutorial on Ship lock construction any where. Iv'e downloaded everything I can find on the DLS. However I find myself in need of a little direction.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
For what era? For what location? Locks constructed in the mid 19th century on the East Coast will be quite different from locks constructed in the Pacific Northwest in the 21st.

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OK. But are you looking for modern era locks, or old ones? North American, or European?

You may be right that there are only 2 locks on the DLS, but in my experience, one needs also to check for the asset under foreign language names. For example, a lock made by a Spanish creator may be listed under cerradura, one by a German creater may be listed as a Schleuse, one by the fine French creators as an ecluse, one by a Hungarian creator a zsilip, and one by a Dutch creator a sluis. [NB: All of these foreign language names I got from Google (R) Translate.] Now, some of these may not appear compliant with North American practices, but one can cover some of this by activating the "plausibility factor". This is done by inventing a plausible reason why something looks like it does. So, a midwestern US municipality which has a strong German flavor is made plausible by explaining that the municipality was founded and populated by a group from Germany, or for a possibly more relevant example, the locks on the canal look like Hungarian ones because the engineer responsible for their design and construction was Hungarian.

Don't forget to search foreign 3PP sites. I seem to remember (though I may be mistaken in this), that one of the Spanish sites had some 3PP canal items listed on the site, but I also remember that the site did not have an English page. I found it by doing a search for Trainz in the Spanish domain (.es).

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Mjolnir I'm just messing around with Trainz, I have TS12, I saw the locks and thought I would create something using them. However they don't seem to want to cooperate with me. Thank you very much for you replies and interest,
I'll try your suggestions as far as the foreign names go and see what I can turn up. The problem with the ones in the DLS is that the Water overlaps the gate and doesn't look right, that's why I wondered if there was a tutorial. thanks, Dusty.