Laptop with Intel integrated graphics


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I recently bought a new laptop with an 8-core i5-1035G1 processor, 8Gb of RAM and a Kaby Lake graphics controller & chipset.
It runs Trainz 12 just fine (apart from those weird pauses it does occasionally) - will it run anything newer?

Obviously I'll have to turn the graphics settings right down, but it'd be nice to be able to play something a bit more up-to-date - and the ability to run it on Linux instead of Windows would be a bonus...
Middleton for laptops designed for TANE should run on 350 3D score. It is UK based.

I suspect your GPU is around 1,000 on the 3D benchmark so quite capable but you really need 10,000 so the average layout.

TRS19 and TRS22 should give you better performance with the same content and distance settings.

Cheerio John
Several more recent games should be playable on your laptop, however performance may vary depending on the demands. It can be more difficult to run games on Linux than on Windows. Lower the graphical settings to increase performance, and be sure any games you plan to play meet the system requirements and are compatible with Linux.
I have an old laptop with a much lower spec which I still have T:ANE installed on. While I wouldn't say T:ANE 'runs' it does load in a minute or so and I can edit the route in surveyor with little issue which is more my interest than driving. If it is possible to allocate RAM within the BIOS to graphics the more the better. Peter
Well I bit the bullet and bought TANE, which runs at around 20-25fps on low detail settings. Not great, but not totally unplayable either. At least it doesn't suffer from those random 5-second freezes that Trainz 12 did!

However trying to load any driver session on the ECML takes forever - it needs at least 16Gb RAM, so I'm saving for an upgrade. This does seem to cause issues sometimes - I think I read somewhere there's some kind of timeout bug which can cause Quickdrive not to initialise properly.

I even got TANE to work reasonably well in Linux - and only a couple of fps slower than on Windows. There's a Github project (whose name eludes me right now) with built-in Vulkan support, and various other tweaks and bugfixes which TANE runs on without any configuration whatsoever. Content Manager doesn't refresh the screen properly - but this seems a pretty common complaint. You just have to resize the window...