Just Started so be Gentle


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I just got Trainz 2 days ago so I am still new. I have been looking at the forums for some answers but could not find them. I have 2 questions:

1: What does DLS mean?

2: Is there a link to where I can find the rerailer portal?

I have a model railroad in my basement I have been working on for six months but Trainz is soooo much better (and cheaper)!!!
Hi teamanglerx, and welcome to the forum and the land of Trainz. This forum is one of the best around and others can be very helpful.

DLS stands for Download Station where there is heaps of content for you to download.

I am not sure about your second question but I am sure someone will be a long to help with that one.

Remember the only dumb questions is the one not asked :hehe:

Hello teamanglerx, welcome to Trainz. There are 2 rerailer portals on the DLS, search for KUIDS 2:116387:5:1 and 2:116387:6:1. Hope these are the ones u r looking for.

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
Look up at the top of this page and click on Download Station. And, I will add my welcome as well.

Before you access the DLS, or Download station, you must register your Seirial Number with auran, or your access will be deined to the DLS.
If your Trainz is TRS2006 you'll use the Content Manager (CMP) selection on the TRS2006 Launcher to access the DLS. If you go direct to the DLS and select an item it will transfer it to the Download Helper Action panel of your CMP, so you'll still be downloading via CMP.