Just Announced: Southern 4501's Return to the Mainline!

UPDATE: A third excursion, Dome Cars, Observation Car and more!

Just announced: Three excursions on Friday, June 26th, Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th.
Friday: Bristol, Virginia to Radford, Virginia <- Just Added
Saturday: Bristol, Virginia to Bulls Gap, Tennessee
Sunday: Bristol, Virginia to Radford, Virginia

Accommodations for all three excursions are:
Coach Class:
Modern (former commuter) coaches

Deluxe Coach Class:
Vintage passenger cars

First Class Coach:
Seating located in lower section of [DOME CAR] #9410

Dome Seating:
Seating in one of TWO DOME CARS

Observation Seating:
Seating in Observation car

First Class, Dome Seating, and Observation Seating has access to light meals and drinks in lounge area of car #6604. These are the first excursions to feature dome cars and the only the second time the observation car has left the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum for use on excursions that aren't based out of Chattanooga.

Tickets available here-> http://www.tvrail.com/pages/21st-century-steam