Juice Train Pack Issue


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Hello Everyone, I bought the Juice Train Pack on September 5th. I got the engines working but the Juice Reefer is faulty and supposedly the wheels are out of date. Anyone know how I can resolve this issue/bug? Much appreciated - Lazydriver
We would need to know what version you are attempting to use this in but just looked at the TPIX ones specifically and they are working in both TANE SP4 and TS19 patched current. Maybe you have something open for edit?
I am using SP4 in T:ANE and the wheels (Barber S-2 100 ton 263,000 lbs 6.5in × 12in 36in wheels) are just saying faulty and I tried changing the trainz version from 2.9 to 3.7 and it's not changing anything. Sorry about not saying what version I'm attempting I'm bad at remembering things like that :confused:
There are 3 DLS versions of this that are available, right click on the one you have installed and select list asset versions. Maybe your version is an old one and you need a more updated one. hard to know without knowing the exact kuid of the version you are using