joining trains? Uk layout


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My Uk layout is my problem,
I've got some Empty coaching stock in a siding or at a platform and want to run-around the consist or rake and/or join a light loco, is there a signal currently in use to call on a locomotive to join the train, as opposed to a constant red signal.
unfortunately the trainz signalling system doesnt support this at all. the only way to get it to work 'properly' is a scripted rule. but you can 'cheat' if you change the signals config file so that caution is the call-on aspect and advanced caution is the yellow aspect, then place an invisible signal after the modified signal like this:

======[signal]======[invisible signal]=====[coaches]======

so that when a loco is in front of the signal, the invisible signal will be 'red' and the main signal will show 'call-on' (actually caution as far as trainz is concerned'), surprisingly this allso works with AI drivers usually, they tend to just slowdown at the invisible signal then go past it and couple to the consist anyway!