Some new shots of me. I made some custom buildings. Now Shin Hanyo got a supertall tower. Supertall= 300 meters or higher. The new tower is Called "Emerald Wave"

[/URL]TRS19_2023_07_26_23_44_23_187 by pagroove, on Flickr[/IMG]
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Some more pics:

Icaruko Network situation as of July 2023:

Icaruco Loop Line has now all the stations named both in Station Names and in Track Marks. Automation is tested. Loop Line Anti Clockwise trains now drive automatically.
Icaruco Freight Line AKA "Nakamoto line" (see video of Nakamoto station on YT: https://youtu.be/kLM82QSPyUM) is now needed to complete so that this whole line can serve Icaruko Airport Domestic Terminal with ai trains

[/URL]TRS19_2023_07_26_23_50_58_220 by pagroove, on Flickr[/IMG]

Here is the map in detail of Icaruko Airport Area. Also the Loop Line Depot can be spotted. As you see I named almost all stations. Coming up with good names is sometimes difficult:

[/URL]TRS19_2023_07_26_23_51_09_573 by pagroove, on Flickr[/IMG]

Icaruko Terminal 2023 situation. Most Stations named this area is starting become complete:

[/URL]TRS19_2023_07_26_23_51_16_084 by pagroove, on Flickr[/IMG]

Some images of sea side around the CBD:

[/URL]TRS19_2023_07_26_23_36_59_612 by pagroove, on Flickr[/IMG]

[/URL]TRS19_2023_07_26_23_38_04_751 by pagroove, on Flickr[/IMG] by pagroove, on Flickr[/IMG]

Made some Zebrapaths:

[/URL]TRS19_2023_07_26_23_35_21_112 by pagroove, on Flickr[/IMG]
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Excellent winter scene, Lelouchvizero.
Agreed Forrester. The reflection off the snow and the boiler is exquisite. Exccllent job with this screenshot.

I don't frequent the Japan Thread too much anymore, but it's extremely comforting to see Keimei's JNR Steam Locomotives getting some well-deserved mileage. They are excellent locos that still hold up against the ravages of time.

Then again, some new JNR Steamers would probably bring me back here.. With all the new JR EMUs popping up as Payware, who knows? Maybe someone will decide to make some brand-new JNR Steam Locos in the future as well!
So, with the forum being off for some time, I made some advance on my japanese themed route. Last time I showed a branch that followed the green bridge; this time we are with the Main Line that goes through the heart (Not yet) of Yokuhama.





more 205系600, this time with Utsunomiya livery.

and also i've created 207系900 (still beta test)

haven't done the driver cab, since i can't find much references about 207系900 (but it seems this one has similar to 203系 cabin design, right?)